Look at the design page for info on the plywood velomobile construction.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Paddy makes his maiden ride

Paddy climbs into the velomobile. (The packing tape over the nose holes reduce the ventilation.
With open holes it gets to draughty when its cold)
Today Paddy Milford paid a visit. He made a short one hour trip. When he returned a fillet at the mount of the seat was failed. I have to strengthen this place. Exhilarating was the decent of the Moerlaken bridge : 50 km/h without much pedalling ! We discussed the project and hope to build at least 3 body's this summer. If you would like to join us this summer drop me a mail.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Wind and speed

Today I went for a short (10 km) test trip again. I improved the chain guidance with a long polyethylene (plastic shopping bag) tunnel under the floor of the body. Works great. No friction, no noise. At least until the packing tape fails... Than the chain springs of the rear chain wheel easily.

But what fun it is in a T-shirt only on a cold windy day driving on a dike. Catching the wind, sailing.The feeling that you are pushed aside. It was really drifting ! I have to get a speedometer.

I saw the nose flexing due to the load of the crank axle. I think this can be eliminated by closing or stiffening the little nose holes. Lots of other little nuisances: The brake cable is not mounted right, in a sharp right turn it brakes. The soft top comes of because the velcro is not strong enough. The Rohloff hub sometimes fails. The front suspension is too stiff.

But all in all I should be very happy with the results so far.