Look at the design page for info on the plywood velomobile construction.

Cooperation and Copyright

I hope you will build my plywood velomobile design. To find you I write this blog, but you have to realize that all I have published here is copyrighted material. Would you like to know more about copyright you could read Jonathan Bailey's short and handy introduction on copyright.

Please send me a mail if you are interested in building my plywood velomobile design.


  1. I like to know more about how you used the plywood to make the body. I've got my own design that uses no compound angles that I was going to build out of either Coroplast sheeting or Zotefoam. Your use of plywood looks interesting to say the least.
    Winston Ward Johnson

  2. I use airplane plywood of 1.5 mm thick. It is so thin that it can be bent easily at radius 50 mm across the grain. I use thixotrope (I mean creamy like peanut butter) epoxy to glue the parts together. Please leave your email if you would like to be informed.

  3. Hi there

    Did you ever get anyone else building your design ?

    I am interested , however I am unsure whether I can get large enough sheets of 1.5mm plywood in the UK.

    I was also interested in a cheap , easy home build suspension rather than have to buy the Quest style parts did you make any progress on this ?

    regards Paul

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  5. I really like your idea of a wooden velomobile. My only concern is that wood is prone to rotting. How did you treat the wood to prevent that from happening?