Look at the design page for info on the plywood velomobile construction.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Une voiturette a pedales

Look what Cedric Doutriaux send me. Two seater, rear wheel steering, front wheel drive, 40 kg, wood and paper. From the inter bellum I think.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Velomobile Seminar 2012

It was an interesting seminar. I liked best the work of Harald Meckenburg, Pieter Hollebrandse and Miles Kingsbury. I was very happy to meet people that have experience with sustainable alternatives for epoxy and hope I can soon put links to their work on this blog (Please send me your info!).

Patrick Hagemann showed me a wooden rim that was glued with a caseine based adhesive that you can make yourself. This movie shows how Patrick makes a wooden rim:

The chairman of the Dutch HPV association (Kees van Malsen) mentioned that he would try to organize a seminar in a few years from now. The proceedings will be available from the velomobile seminar website. 
Erik Marynissen

Erik Marynissen has milled the part for the wheel cover with his gigantic homebuilt router. Thank you Erik!

I have tacked the parts to a curved (~R 600 mm) piece of wood and glued them together with PU construction glue (Pattex PU construct).

one segment

tack and glue
the wheel cover is almost a sphere segment

sorry for the terrible photo