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Thursday, 5 January 2012

CFD with OpenFoam

I'm going to resume my CFD studies again. A few year ago I found a fantastic open source CFD package: OpenFoam . The learning curve is quite steep for a dummie like me but I was able to simulate flows with low Reynolds numbers (Re). A study of high Re flow around a velomobile is something completely different:
  1. I have to learn more about fluid dynamics
  2. I have to learn to use the OpenFoam snappyHexMesh tool to create a mesh.
  3. I have to learn to use an model that can describe turbulent flow (Reynolds Averaged Simulation).
I 'm not sure about this but it could be that a report on how I tackle my beginners problems are useful to you. You will find my report here


    1. Hi. How are you getting along with OpenFOAM? A lot has happened to the code since I started working with it in 2005. Let me know if you could use some literature or tips.

      1. Yes please !! If you send me a mail I will write you about the problems I have to tackle