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Monday, 2 January 2012

The motor

This is the kind of motor I would like to use in the velomobile wheels. It is a cam drive. The pistons make multiple strokes per revolution. This is ideal because the velomobile wheel rotates at low speeds (~ 500 rpm). The Hagglunds has to be scaled down a little. The smallest type weighs ~800 kg has a displacement of 15100 cc (15.1 liter) and produces 530 kW.
The Hagglunds Compact hydraulic motor

Efficiency of this machine is high but should be improved for the velomobile. Options for improving the efficiency may be found in reducing leakage, friction and optimizing the commutation. The velomobile motor may have a cam with 3 or 4 waves, 4 or 5 pistons and a total displacement of ~2 cc per revolution. The transmission ratio may be controlled by switching on and off the pistons with valves (see Artemis intelligent Power and this video). See also this page


  1. Hi Titus,

    Glad to see you are active again on this again.

    Hydraulic is brilliant, if you can get the price and size down. It could also simplify drives for multiple person velomobiles.

    How much would a 2cc motor weigh? Most hydraulics run at dangerously high pressures. If you lower the pressure for safety, would it increase or decrease efficiency?

    - John Foster

  2. I don't think the pressure level will be of dominant influence on efficiency. A high pressure allows for a light and compact transmission with a large span. Safety is not an issue with compressed oil. However when an accumulator is added to the system for energy storage safety becomes an important consideration.

  3. Hello Titus
    I would like to buy Hydraulic motors By Hagglunds
    types; MK 63. MB84, A4 V125LE, A5v56.

    Could You have some solition ; could be new or used.

    Best regards