Look at the design page for info on the plywood velomobile construction.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

break down!

This morning the body failed. Yesterday I stiffened the spring. While taking a put hole the spring support broke. The connection to the circular sheet in front was cracked a few weeks ago. I should have done something about it then....
The connection in front was failed already a few weeks ago.

When the spring lost support the wheel damaged the body.


  1. Hoeveel kilometer heb je er nu ongeveer mee gereden?

  2. Something between 500 and 1000 km. But this failure has nothing to do with fatigue. The construction is simply to fragile. I think it will be OK when I add some material (~200 gram).

  3. Misschien kun je de vering aan het buizenframe bevestigen, dat is denk ik steviger.

  4. Are you using epoxy resin with this ply wood?

    1. I used thixotrope epoxy to make fillets.Patrick Hagemann showed me a wooden rim that was glued with a caseine based adhesive that you can make yourself. He thinks a sustaineble alternative for epoxy is very well possible.