Look at the design page for info on the plywood velomobile construction.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Darin Wick

Look what Darin Wick has made! I like the short seal like tail. Contrary to my design of the plywood velomobile (or better the design of Bart Verhees) in Darins design the seams are in the longitudinal direction. The effect is beautiful lines but a lot of work to connect them. Quest-style closed wheel boxes are easy to imagine too. Darin published a python script to plot the parts.

1 to 5 model copied from Darins website


  1. Very Nice indeed.
    Using the stitch and glue method would be a good method to connect the panels.

  2. At first I thought you amde it from wood planks. It is a good thing that it is made like this. Why do'nt you make it with good wood planks?



    Frontier Woollen Mills

  3. Titus, where can I found the python script? I didn't find any!

    1. Sorry, just found it!

  4. Hello! Thanks for the link! As Rudolf suggests above, I intended to use stitch and glue for joining the panels. The design is inspired by Friend Wood's beautiful wood velo:

    The project was on hold because I've been traveling recently, but I may have time to build it in the next few months.