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Friday, 31 December 2010

About mass

Mass distribution of the first prototype. Total mass 27 kg.
13 years ago I determined the mass distribution of my first prototype (see here). Although it was larger and a 'head in' design it is still illustrative. The total mass of the first proto was 27 kg. The second proto is 23.3 kg. The mass reduction is due to leaving out the heavy polycarbonate window and the rear wheel suspension and also due to the smaller size and improved body construction.

Mike Burrows Windcheetah, the archetype of a tadpole trike, is 15 kg. Based on my figures this would mean that Mike uses 5,4 kg for frame and seat. In the first prototype 3,5 kg is used for wheel suspension which the Windcheetah doesn't have. We can conclude that a velomobile of 23,6 kg is still 23,6-15-3,5=5,1 kg too heavy. Although one might argue that the mass of a coat and two bags should be added to Mike's (beautiful) design...

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